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I've recently been told my voice sounds *exactly* like Perrie Edwards's (from Little Mix) and my band will hopefully be making our first cover soon and we're doing DNA by Little Mix as our first "song" look out for a link bc I think I'm going to be singing Perrie's role and then you all can let me know for sure!!

I do know one thing.....I don't look like her XD I'm ugly lol
  • Listening to: Little Mix, 5SOS, and 1D
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Youtube Equestrian videos
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Hey all! I will constantly be editing this....but for now am satisfied with the way it is......! Anyways! Onto the introduction: Hey-llo! I'm Bella and I'm 16 and I live in the back-water country of the East. I LOOOOOOVE Horses!!!! Like literally. Watch out, I'm obsessed with 'em! Below I describe more about myself if you stalkers wanna know XD so get a bowl of popcorn and sit down to read the best stor- I mean my addictions and rants and raves XP......

Basic about meh: I blow da candles on August 18th and I be 16! I am the oldest of 7 kids and live in a big family of 9 (currently) soon to be more bc my mom might be expecting twins. I live in NC on 2 and 1/2 acres with 6 goats, 1 dog (now), 6 cats, and more than 45 chickens. I ride horses 2x a week and I work for my lessons at the BEST barn EVER!!! I hope to get a horse of my own soon.....but i gotta get da green paper first XD And if you wanna know more about me (as if I might have missed something below?! haha) just PM/Note me and I'll answer your questions/talk to yah!!!I love to talk and I don't bite.......hard XP Onto the facts.......

Things I like/love:
~HORSES!!!! really all Equines...
~Big cats (Ligers, Lions, Tigers, Panthers, etc.)
~Canines of all kinds!
~Dragons (yeah I know they're not real, but i love 'em anyways XD)

Anime: I like TOO many to name them all but here are a few...
~Black Butler
~Chibi Vampire
~Heroic Age
~Kaze No Stigma
~and LOTS others! I also like any kind of movie really :3

~RIDING (yes I'm an equestrian, so look out for mwa, you'll see me in the Olympics on the big screen one day!)
~Art (digital, paper, etc)
~Cross Country/Exercising (yes I have an uncanny desire to always run around like a crazy loon XD)
~Journaling (of any kind)
~Chatting! Yeah I love talking as if you couldn't tell XP
~READING! (yes i LOVE books!)
~MUSIC! (yes I also LOVE music - mostly country, tho some pop, metal, instrumental, and others)
~Being sarcastic (Hm, I wonder where I got that.......?! lol)
~Gardening (yeah have a TON of them out side my house)
~Learning (yeah I really do like to learn new things!)
~Trying new things
~Teasing/Joking (yeah I'm a jokester and will tease yah about alot of things XD unles you don't like it, and I know when to stop, too XP)
~I love the color Pink! also Orange and Green, but I like ALL colors!!!
~AND TONS more things.......

~Cheesy sauce Aelfredo
~Watermellons and Apples (thou I like ALL fruit!)
~any food really except meat XD

~MissMoira is my sister, next in line after meh
~tailwolf12 is my sister's boyfriend and he's like a brother to meh XD
~HorseGirlLove is my sister, 3rd in line

~Shire - He's awesome and my bro XD!
~Blakeyswafflezz - She's a pretty cool sis XP
~EpireOfOrbis - yo Nic, wat up bro?! XD
~SmallSorrel - you go girly!!!
~EP-EpicSlave - he's pretty funny, great guy XD
~HeroWolf95 - he's my RAFFY! (inside joke)
~More to come!!! (not finished here!)

Still not done, but to lazy to finish dis right XP

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